Snowshoeing Lolo Pass!!!

Have you been enjoying the snow this winter??? I have to say, I absolutely love it! I would much rather snow then melting mess and ice. However I am not always motivated to get all packed up and ready and head out for winter adventures especially with kids in tow. My kids have had snowshoes since they were toddlers and guess what? They love to be out there bucking around in the snow. I have images of them snowshoeing around the backyard even with headlamps on in the dark! It was a blast and you don’t have to go far! If you live in Western Montana, Lolo Pass is having a great snow year. There is a dedicated Snowshoe Trail as well. The kids had a great time too. Just remember to bring lots of snacks and water! Very important to keep those kiddos happy! There is a warming hut which is really nice. Have some hot chocolate and browse the visitor center before heading back home. Another snowstorm is on its way so its the perfect time to just do it…get out there and enjoy the snow!!!Here are a few images of a snowshoe trip with friends a few weeks ago…Look how much fun they were having! Maybe it has something to do with all the snow they eat!They definitely were troopers! We had tried a different location previous to this trail and had to turn back because it was so steep! Good times for sure! They would stop and take breaks every few trail sign.Made it to the top! It was so beautiful!!!Here is a shot taken on the trail across the road from the visitor center on a different snowshoe trip. So amazing! If you have a furry friend this is a good place to go. Lolo Pass does not allow dogs at all on any trails. There are alot of snowmobilers on this trail but even so we were completely alone most of the time!Snowshoeing, skiing, whatever you like to do get out there and do it. You will love it and your kids will too!Love this! What is your next adventure?

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