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Thank You for a fantastic 2014…

Thank you so much for choosing Little Bear Photography. It has been a great year and I am very much looking forward to new and exciting things in 2015! I was fortunate enough to sell Adventure Lifestyle images to Five Valleys Land Trust this year as well as Cliff Bar. Excited to take a little more time this year to shoot those kind of images. I worked with Cold Springs Elementary to do school photos for the students this year. It was a great experience and I look forward to working with them in the future. I have had a blast taking portraits of families, kiddos, and newborns. Thank you all for the referrals this year. Below is a little review of the past year! My it goes by so fast! All the more reason to get images taken often! Valentine Mini’s are so much fun and I have to say one of my favorite sessions of the year!!! Here is sweet Lennon! Just adore him!Seriously how cute is he?These boys have been coming to the Valentine Mini’s since they started! Love these two!Definitely a blast…can’t believe the 2015 Valentine Mini is around the corner!Happy First Birthday Orion! What a cutie this little guy is!This year I began making my own cakes for the Cake Smash Sessions. So fun! I really focus on making these sessions customized and unique to you. What a happy guy! He liked his cake too!Love black and white…he looks so sweet here!He was whooping it up in the tub! There was water everywhere!!!Here is sweet Aynsleigh at her cake smash session!She was so dainty! She was not into making a mess of her cake at all! So cute!Here is sweet boy Lennon…look at those eyes!Went on a few shoots this year for Five Valleys Land Trust. So great to work with them! This was on a ranch near Drummond.The Wallace boys…love them! I have known this family for a long time. My girls went to Miss Mykell’s Preschool and before that they went there for day care. My girls love their Mom and now are big enough to help out with the smaller kids. Its amazing to watch these kiddos grow up!Have to have a little black and white here and there!Cuties! The fall colors were amazing too!Often fun to mix it up and shoot some images downtown…
Seriously he is the cutest!Here are some images shot for Five Valleys Land Trust in Rock Creek…The Bishop family…such a sweet family!
Griffin. This little man is hard to keep up with!Love.Another super sweet family…the Bay Family.This used to be a bear cage back in the day…kind of neat and crazy.They look amazing and the colors were on fire!Oh my goodness what a precious little boy.
His sister just loves him!Newborn sessions are awesome but you never know how things are going to go! This little guy slept for his sibling shots but was very awake for the rest of his session. Look how cute he is here! Love little babies!Love this black and white of these little kiddos.Love this.
Right after Thanksgiving we did  an extended family shoot for the Bishop family. What a great bunch!Love the Packer flair!My nephew Cody played around with me in the studio while he was visiting over the holidays. Go Griz!Little Lennon…I have taken pictures of Lennon since he was a newborn. He’s getting so big!He brought his little cousin in to get her holiday photo too…This image was taken in the summer of 2010. I had just graduated from the Summer Intensive part of Rocky Mountain School of Photography. We hiked in to Granite Park Chalet for two days with our girls. It was quite the adventure. I hadn’t realized that the reservations fell on the anniversary of “Night of the Grizzlies”. For those of you who don’t know I was stalked by a grizzly while camped at Trout Lake years ago. It was the scariest night of my life and no doubt I am lucky to be alive. I had no idea until hiking out about the night of the grizzlies documentary. Needless to say I was contemplating canceling our reservations. We decided to go ahead and as we headed into the park the weather got worse and worse. Our plan was to hike in via the Highline Trail. However we decided that was a long exposed trail to be on with kids and bad weather. We changed the plan and hiked in through the Loop Trail. Madison was pretty little back then and still in the backpack. It was cold and rainy. Part way up the trail we realized she was becoming hypothermic. Right on the middle of the steep trail trying to keep the rain off of her we had to change all her clothes, get her long underwear on her and luckily that , feeding her, and having her walk for a while worked. I was so thankful when we got there that we were sleeping inside that night. It rained so much it was pouring in the walls of our room! Luckily the next few days were great and the hike out the Highline Trail was bright and sunny. This is the image Cliff Bar purchased. One of my favorites and it is now hanging up in my home. We take at least one trip to Glacier National Park every year. I just love the adventure, beauty, animals, and all the memories that are made there! Happy New Year! Here is to an adventurous 2015!!!

End of the year holiday puppy cuteness…

As many of you know we decided to get a St. Bernard puppy this year. It was a crazy last minute decision but friends of ours were getting a puppy and I just couldn’t resist after all the puppy talk. Meet our new puppy Hudson and his brother, Soldier. They are the cutest for sure and it has been an amazing experience watching them grow, faster than a speeding bullet it seems! Seriously you tuck him in his kennel at night and the next morning he comes out visibly bigger than you put him in! It is amazing. I believe these two were about 15weeks when we took these images of them. It was quite an adventure. We got a few cute ones for sure but most of the time was spent in a flurry of puppy wrestling! No joke! Look how cute they are here…Here are some more cute ones of these two. Soldier looks so handsome! Hudson looks like an old man lol!This is actually what went on most of the time!!! Hudson has his “surprise eye” out! At least that is what my kids call it! Poor Charlotte she was trying so hard to get their attention and bribe them with treats. It was quite humorous how crazy puppies can be!Then they have these sweet moments…How sweet is Soldier here???Love these two! So fun they get to grow up together!Hope your Holidays were full of fun, family, and friends!

Cake Smash is a blast!

Orion’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash!

Seriously, this little guy is the cutest. It was so much fun to have him and his parents come for a Cake Smash Session. Such a happy guy!Love this little train he bought with him that spells his name! So cute!

Such a cutie! He did a great job!Love this!Funny how busy 1yr. olds are! We were on the move!I was so excited about his cake! I think he liked it!As soon as his Dad put him down in front of the cake his mouth went right to it! I love it!This is one of my favorites! Just love those little fists! Yum!Mmm…gotta love cake!Love this too…so sweet!The end of the cake!What a sweet face!Hilarious! The bath was fun!Splish Splash he is having a blast in the bath!!!Sweet boy!

More about Cake Smash Sessions…

Cake Smash Sessions are really fun and a great way to capture such an important milestone. I try to customize each session; coordinating colors, backgrounds, and create a custom cake. A Cake Smash Session is 30-45 minutes long. It starts in the outfit chosen for their first year photographs. Clients can bring props they have or special toys etc to customize the session even more. Next is the cake smash which is always a hoot. We finish up with a bath and rubber ducks. Call or email me today if you are interested in booking a session or know someone who would love a session like this!

Happy 1st Birthday Orion!

Snowshoeing Lolo Pass!!!

Have you been enjoying the snow this winter??? I have to say, I absolutely love it! I would much rather snow then melting mess and ice. However I am not always motivated to get all packed up and ready and head out for winter adventures especially with kids in tow. My kids have had snowshoes since they were toddlers and guess what? They love to be out there bucking around in the snow. I have images of them snowshoeing around the backyard even with headlamps on in the dark! It was a blast and you don’t have to go far! If you live in Western Montana, Lolo Pass is having a great snow year. There is a dedicated Snowshoe Trail as well. The kids had a great time too. Just remember to bring lots of snacks and water! Very important to keep those kiddos happy! There is a warming hut which is really nice. Have some hot chocolate and browse the visitor center before heading back home. Another snowstorm is on its way so its the perfect time to just do it…get out there and enjoy the snow!!!Here are a few images of a snowshoe trip with friends a few weeks ago…Look how much fun they were having! Maybe it has something to do with all the snow they eat!They definitely were troopers! We had tried a different location previous to this trail and had to turn back because it was so steep!Good times for sure! They would stop and take breaks every few trail sign.Made it to the top! It was so beautiful!!!Here is a shot taken on the trail across the road from the visitor center on a different snowshoe trip. So amazing! If you have a furry friend this is a good place to go. Lolo Pass does not allow dogs at all on any trails. There are alot of snowmobilers on this trail but even so we were completely alone most of the time!Snowshoeing, skiing, whatever you like to do get out there and do it. You will love it and your kids will too!Love this! What is your next adventure?

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Absolutely LOVE the Valentine’s Mini Session! It is so much fun!I just LOVE these boys too! They are so sweet!The mustaches were a hoot!Cuties!Love this part it is pretty hilarious!!!Here is another little heartbreaker…Omgoodness the cuteness!Just LOVE this one of him!Such a sweet boy!and now for some girlies!Oh my heart they are sweet!Best Friends Forever!I just have to have some black & white!LOVE!and the finale!!!Happy Valentines Day!!!

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